Thursday, March 25, 2010

YAY it's for sale now!

I finally got the pattern on ravelry and on etsy. :)
I'm a offical designer now.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

so here is what I have been up too

wanna see something purdy?
each time I would work on it some one would comment on how pretty it is..
It's called The Fern Shawl and I have a pattern written and ready for sale.. ecept I can;t figure out how to get the PDF to upload to ravelry's sale page.
Ill be selling the pattern for $4.95
My Local Yarn Store has it on display and for sale currently. ( yay!!)
and the owner is being very gracious in displaying it.  It's 100 percent peruvian wool from the Cascade Eco line. the color looks like ferns.
I may also bring a few other pieces over to her show to display for sale as well. ( and I Will also have them for sale in the etsy shop. I loved working on this piece and may make another in a peacock blue. I have a pin I made ( from a pendant and pin back ) that Ill be displaying the blue shawl with as well.

So this is ONE of a few things I have been up to. I also felted a small bag and finnished the stitch work on another cotton bag- both very cute. Ill get pics and show them off soon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

National Cro-MO-

March is national Crochet month
So now you know. It's national Crochet month.
:)  not just a day but a WHOLE month -
well I like to hook in public, in a car , in a doctors office/
Yes I like to hook Sam I Am. ( Dr Sues referance brought to you by ADHD. )
It's another excuse for me to work in another project...