Saturday, February 27, 2010

Im working on a new piece

Its a warmer shawl- done in a fern color. and Im making it a bit longer and wider then my other shawls so it can really offer a lot of warmth.
Im loving the feel and the texture that's showing-
I'm working with a new yarn- Cascade Yarns ECO- It's 100 percent Peruvian Wool so its very very soft and warm. Not scratchy at all. It's goin to be cozy for whom ever buys it.
IF I have yarn left over ( I might) Ill make a hat or scarf ( or both) from it. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

The hat below took longer then normal

The hat below took longer then normal for various reasons .... mostly because of my shoulder.
HOWEVER good news! I can hook longer then I was and I started a bigger project.
Hopefully this will go much faster and I know Im happy with the out come.

the hat I made was a challenge because Im use to making a hat quickily- I had to start it a couple times and re work my gague a few times because of shoulder fatigue.
soon I hope to be back to my old tricks and speed.

the newest hat I have finnished- 100%wool

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