Monday, December 27, 2010

oh what a nice holiday weekend..

I got yarn last week- my inlaws gave me a gift card to my local yarn shop.. ( happy dance!)
and I finished one of the hats I had on order.
Now I am waiting for the other yarn to show so I can get that other order done.
here is the soccer hat. ( see link at the side )
It was fun to work on.

the soccer hat

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

well then thats gonna keep me busy

just got the go ahead on another hat- another customer.
yay!! and I have all the yarns on hand for this one..
BUT I will order for the other custom piece.

happy hooker here. ;)  yep I have a excuse to pull out the hooks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

never enough yarn

I'm a yarn junkie. Yes I'm admitting to it. It's not a real serious issue to me..
I'm not hiding purchases and Ill accept most yarn I'm given... and no you never have enough.. you always need one extra hank or skein just in case... because there is NOTHING worse then getting half a row from finnishing a project and seeing you are short on yarn.. and it wont match color IF you have to go back to the store and buy more.  So yes I do need that one more ball...

Today   I was given 3 fairly large bags of yarn. and they are good yarns.
BUT not one of them works for a custom order inquiry I have.
This called for a trip to the craft store...I was good too! I went streight to the back of the store where the yarn is, and looked for it.. they didn't carry it anymore.
got out my new trusty phone.. looked it up on the manufacture web site.. yes they still make it..
so I go to another craft store.. right to the back where they hide the yarn.. my daughter in tow.. cant find it there either..
call my spouse.. 
" I need yarn for a order.."
" don't you have yarn?"
" yes but it's not the kind I need for these pieces"
"Ill call you back:"
he called back but not about helping me order the yarn.
I think he's trying not to enable me...
and it is only 3 balls.... of yarn...

Maybe this time I'll write out the patterns as I work them.
Does this give me a excuse for a new hook?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love it when I wake up to a sale

It makes the whole day start out right.
:) one of my hats sold. I got caught up at work and I was behind when I walked in.
I have plans for a big old bourito for lunch and to get some shopping done.
I also ordered some tea from teaman on etsy.. Im looking forward to that arriving.
I also ordered some soap for my sister inlaw. from WildEdenWorkshop on etsy.
I have ordered from them before and been very happy with their soaps.

I'm working on a hat for my daughter- it is blue and yellow ( her school colors) I just am hoping she doesn't out grow it too fast.
so far a relaxing day ahead.

Monday, December 6, 2010

My tables from the back

Tables from inside the booth one side

My tables from the other side inside

Front view
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No tags? really?

One of the sellers at the fair on Saturday didnt have ANY tags at all or signage for her pieces of jewelry she was selling. Which totally amazed me. When it slowed for me she came and talked to me for a little bit. And said she was having issues.
I asked if she had price tags. She said no.
I told her why it was so important to have tags- a lot of people have the mind set IF I have to ask how much it is too much for me to afford.
Then I handed her 15 tags and lent her a pen.
Ten minutes later she had 2 sales.

It amazes me that something as simple as a tag that is easy to read and see can effect sales so drastically.
I made sure everything was tagged. I also kept track of what sold in my inventory sheets AND I didn't sit down unless there was a major lul and when it icked up I was up on my feet again.
little things like that go a long way when selling at a fair I have noticed.

there is still lots of time

I have to remember there is still lots of time before Christmas.
I still need to make more pieces- But that is the fun part.
That is the looking for ideas or coming up with something new.

Shopping for presents is fun on etsy.. but I always end up getting me something as well.
not sure what it will be but it will be good. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

yep it was worth it

Good show :) it was slow and apparently many vendors didn't show up like they where expecting.
But I did well.
I talked to the orginizer and told her if they do others Im interested in returning again.
they said they didn't know if they would because they don't know where they will be next year.
I hope they are able to stay because that area is awesome for me.

back to hooking gota prep for next year and get some stock back in my boxes and etsy shop.

Friday, December 3, 2010

ever feel like your forgetting somthing and realiz oops!

today I cashed my paycheck... handed my spouse money to deposit.. then looked at him and realized I needed to make a till for tomorrows fair.

Guess who went back to the bank on a Friday at the busiest time of day? Then realized it was time to get Kiddo from school... then remembered to stop and get the table getting on loan  from my inlaws... And realized I needed gas... and to pack the car...

Craft fairs are fun but a ton of prep work.

I hope this one is worth it ... I think it will be.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

so yeah Im a mom and a wife too..

I have a kiddo she is hilarious. Parent teacher Conferences where today.. the teachers adore.. of course cuz she is my daughter. Well actually because she is bright and loves class and not too much trouble.. a good kid.
I guess I'm doing a good Job with her.
Ok part of that goes to my spouse.. he does a good job too.. can't take all the credit like I'd like to.

I think I have my spouse taught as to what is the perfect gift for me... a gift card to my local yarn dealer.
He asked IF I would prefer 30 or 50 gift card to my local yarn dealer.... then stopped and said please say 30.. remembering my fave shop is only a few blocks from the house.

I need to go in there again.. I know I went yesterday and bought yarn but that was for the finishing of a project.. so I had to have the yarn... now I need yarn to go with some I have.. you see. I have a reason..
and I don't have a problem, Im not hiding yarn in the oven yet.
my yarn bins may be full but it's in plain-ish sight. in baskets around the bins. So its semi orginized.
Damn I sound like a yarn junkie.

wait.. nope not a junkie yet.. almost

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WHOOO score!!!!

I found a nice large heavier weight drying rack that is collapsible for 3 bucks at a second hand shop!
This is good it will show off the heavier pieces better and make more room for my throws.
things wont be smooched  together for display :) Making things easier to see.

also a friend gave me a bag of yarn.. one of the yarns is golden rod yellow- a hard to find color that is uesed a lot of times in team colors. ( yay!)

Now if I can get these hats done and get the strap on a bag done I may have time to find my sanity.