Sunday, January 24, 2010

Able to hook a little longer then last week :)

Friday I tried to hook for a little bit- I was able to work for about 20 minutes before my shoulder started hurting so this is a big deal. :)
I also had a good PT appointment last week- I am now doing both stretching and builing resistance so this also helps with how long I can crochet.
yay! I also had a mostly non-advil day yesterday too first time in almost month. Just did heat and Ice.
I only needed a muscle relaxer at bed for the shoulder so I know its getting better. :) 

I have found some inspiration for new projects so as soon as I'm well enough I expect to be back in my hooking swing of things.
I also have a craft fair coming up in April I'll be prepping for- more light weight things to come for that.
So today is a post of good news. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok playing catch-up

SO a few little updates-
I have been Ok'd to lift ten lbs ( yay!) Physical Therapy is helping though Im still on crochet restriction my pain has decreased. this is good!
I did try and hook a few days ago and it hurt so I think slowly I'll be building up my strength for that again.

Also A very good friend of mine showed me one of her favoriate christmass gifts.
this magnetic spicerack is a perfect solution for my friends small space in her kitchen.
the spices smell and taste very fresh and the glass jars are beautiful.
At the price offered I think it's a steal.
Her Husband said the shipping as fast and the seller was excellent to deal with.
She she loves them and doesn't know how she lived with out them.  so here is a
featured seller for this posting- Genissspice

here is the set my friend has.

Magnetic spicerack