Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here it is almost christmass and Im still working on some pieces

So in July I thought I wasn't going to do a craft fair. I just kinda looked here and there just in case..
Then I got invited back to a fair from last year that I did well at.. I said yes sent in the application.
Now Im working like a mad hooker trying to get everything done.

I just listed 3 hats this week, my spouse picked me up a" man-head " for when I have men's pieces.

I am finnishing a cotton bag ( made with a rainbow yarn.. helllooo 1977!)
Working on some snow flakes and I had finished a custom piece. ( which the customer has and is happy with.:))
So here it is a week from the fair. Im working my butt off and I get the great idea- Hey I should make more hats..with lacy edges like the one I made myself my daughter and one that sold a friend bought right after I made it ... It sold before I could even list it.. now when am I going to make em?

so I work my hands busy..

I do now have a face book fan page ( yippee!!!)   FAN PAGE HERE and I have quite a few fans.. and it is now one of the best ways to find out what is new in my shop.
I also now have discovered promo codes on etsy.. so watch for those.

anyway busy as usual I almost forgot I have this blog so that was a oops.
I drope d the ball but will try and pick it back up between hooking..

yours in yarn