Sunday, November 20, 2011

the booth angle 2

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the booth angle 1

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now thats done

the fair is done. and it was a great one.
I had quiet a few people ask for things I hadn't really thought about bringing, So this next year Ill be adding more variety to my shop
More kids sized items such as  mittens , mitts, slippers, more bearded hats baby afghans.
I did have more people then I thought I would requiest synthetic material so Ill be adding more of those styles of things.
 my spouse said he can set me up slat wall on a A frame so I can go vertical and have a better place to display my scarves.
My mom and Aunt had a table next to mine and we had a blast.
This show went really well and Im hoping to be invited back next year.
I have 3 people waiting for to do a quote on hats and baby shoes... :) from befoore the show tho they said they could wait tel after.. so my hook will keep flying through this holiday :)

Now to start my prepping for Christmas gifts too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

tomorrows the day

The day of the bazaar -
Tables >Check
Table Cloths > check
products and mannequins and heads . check check check
Sanity.... oh dear where did I put that today...
I also got everything tagged and ready to go.

 I cant find one of my fave hooks :(
Which is really annoying.
almost every thing is set-
wish me luck tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sold two more hats - bearded hats

I had a last minute request for two more bearded hats- in bright orange- one blonde and one brunet.
When I showed them to the customer he was thrilled-
and then a few more people said they may like one so I may have some at the up coming fair IF I have time to make them.

Monday, November 14, 2011

its getting closer

that fair is getting closer and I have been filling orders - so its YAY! and OH No! at the same time.

I love that I have had more sucess recently but Oh my.. I have a lot of happy hooking to do.
I finished a hat today and started another one this one in red. I finished another grey scalloped hat this time I added some detail to it..

I also did two more bearded hats via request.

now to concentrate on the big stuff