Thursday, October 18, 2012

too many options such little time

I have so many options of things to make as a hooker.

I could make more scarves,

or make some shawls

 OR I could make mittens and fingerless gloves.

Hats as an old stand by

But instead I'm trying to figure out how to tweek a pattern for a very very special order.
a customer has requested I make some gloves with matching scarf and hat for her niece. They are not just any gloves they are for hypoplastic thumbs.    I'm waiting on the measurements and pictures and color so I can proceed.  This little girl will have her very own pair of custom gloves. I know they are tricky BUT I know they are well worth the time and energy.

So IF I don't seem to be posting as much this is why- it can be very tricky to change a hooker pattern but even trickier to adjust for this.