Monday, April 19, 2010

show went ok

It was slow- apparently the person putting on the craft show didn't have any advertising on the main road just put a few fliers up. but it's ok- there where a few golfers around to walk through and other vendors there to talk to.
I got my name out there and that works well.
My godsister had a table next to me ( she's a party light candle rep) which rocked-
I have pics of my booth I was expecting 1 table and I received 2 - and I was stuck in the back corner again BUT I think I worked it to my advantage-
I had brought extra table cloths because you never know IF you'll need them or if another vendor might need them... my god sister did. :)

here are the pics



Sunday, April 11, 2010

1 week

1 tel I have my show- One week to finish the fern shawl in turquoise blue ( I have a peacock pin it will look awesome with)
I finished another soap sack. Took my daughter to a really neat workshop- so contribute a small piece of work to the art project that will be installed at eathrowrks park in kent on earthday.
The woman putting on the piece showed my Daughter how to do some crochet. :) When we where done some of the other people came and looked at what my daughter made and they made her day. :)

I have had a lot of lookers at my pattern but no takers. hopefully soon someone will bite...

I am working on another pattern as well- I'm in the sketching stage yet but I have a idea and I hope it will work out ok.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

getting closer :)

Getting closer to the next show. I'm working like a crazy woman on new pieces and I will get them done.. I hope.

I just finnished a red and white bag- a red white and blue soap saver for gardeners the slochy hat and a cowel..
Currently working on The Fern Shawl pattern again this time in a teal blue-which  reminds me of peacocks.

My shoulder is doing much better- I have PT almst done and two massage therapys left and that's done.
Hard work is paying off- 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

16 days

I have 16 days tel my next show- I just finnished a slochy hat in the fern green yarn-
Im almost done with a cowl in green and purple/ fuchsia- I need to finnish a cotton bag- its red and white and adorable all over ( Ill get the things I need tomorrow when I have time..)
I also will be making more soap sacks.... and Hopefully some more washcloths..
yep.. busy busy busy- and I hope my arm holds up- it has improved a lot and I'm very happy with the progress. :)