Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yesterday's show was

Very very slow.
It was the first year for this location and they took money After you showed up rather then before when you book your space. So there where probably 5 vendors out of 20 that actually where there.
So not only was it slow it was tiney.
This was good practice for me to work with new space And I think I did ok.
I also got a chance to talk to other vendors about what other fairs are good for next year.
One is talking bout puting together a show this summer and the people who ran this venue aslo said they want to do another one but in July.
So we shall see.
I made my table fee plus 8 bucks learned some new things and got to get a good start on a  new buclee and worsted weight throw, and that scarf.. So it wasn't a complete loss.
Now I can concentrate on my etsy shop and adding to my inventory.
That is if I don't get distract... ohhhh coffee!

Friday, November 27, 2009

hoping for a good turn out tomorrow

Tomorrow is the smaller craft fair- tables provided and a chair ( 8 foot) so Im trying to figure out how I can vamp it and have it look good.

I finished A hat for men's wear- its a grey beanie in a simple stitch.
Ill make a scarf to go with it.
Ill also be working my fingers off to get other me's pieces done.
and then Ill add to the women's wear - wraps shawls etc. and Ill be adding a throw here soon..
..I hope. I know I wont have time to do it all at once but that's ok it gives me a chance to fondle yarn and browse patterns for inspiration and new techniques I may be able to incorporate into other pieces.

OH I forgot to mention I am a chocoholic. IF there is chocolate  I may appear to try and make it last but it's not a happening.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A couple really cool things!

FIRST Im having a sale;

Friday the 26th to the 30th Everything gets FREE SHIPPING!
and purchases over 50$ gets 10$ off (All prices in USD)
Happy Shopping!

Im a featuured seller in a treasury!TREASURY!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TIME to feature a ETSY SELLER !!

I have ordered from this seller a few times.
He has fantastic Tea.
My favorites are the Blackberry bluberry and christmass tea and Vanillia Classic.
VERY reasonably priced- fast shiping and I highly reccomend this seller.

rip it now start over again

I started to use a pattern ( eek! can't belive I admitied it) BUT since I hat to use them I riped out the hat I was going to make and started it in my own way.
Its in a lion brand wool ease in grey.
LOVE IT. so far.... but Im only on round 5.

I also love my Addi comfort grip hook ( not promoting just saying).

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yarn stores and craft stores are dangerous places for me

In case you haven't figured this out yet specifically the yarn dept. The yarn store is a nice wonderful cozy place I like to stay for a while and relax.. and fondle wonderful soft fuzzy sweet lovely yarn and drool over rosewood hook sets, Addi hooks and beautiful bags and pattern books. Siting and working with a nice new hank of yarn that's been wound into a lovely yarn cake is a kin to a nice hot cup of coffee and a doughnut for me. ( both at the same time is heaven... )
The yarn depts at many craft stores have become more and more skimpy on yarn and with ever shrinking hook and needle selections.
Sometimes they ( the big box guys)  have swatches but those are knit. not much help for a hooker unless using slip stitch techniques. Every once in a while Ill find a good selection ( right after shipment) at Joann's but I ususlly end up calling first to see if they have what I like online in stock in store.

BUT when I can afford it I do buy from my LYS ( Local Yarn Store). I love it there.
They are very hooker friendly.
I don't get looked down apon for having a hook. Some ladies there taught ME how to do some knitting.
While its nice to say I can do it. I prefer to crochet. I don't like having to rely on a pattern.
I can follow and read crochet patterns BUT I prefer to freehand everything or write my own pattern as I go.

Anyway.. I went to the Joanne's small store near me. I had some time to kill and I wanted to try to make a Grey hat in slip stitch ribbing. found some worsted weight blend in grey...
then I found the art isle.. now Abby Needs new watercolors ( Christmas ) and more glue ( Christmas, I tell myself again) as I'm heading to check out I see the dollar bins.. Giant Smarties! YUM! ( must have those)
Oh a squishy ball with a cool end that yo-yo's  AND its hot pink! Abby will love this... ( christmas) and a adorable tumbler with doughnuts..
yeah 20 dollars later I have not only yarn BUT christmas shoping started..
Thank goodness I didn't have more time to kill.... who knows IF I would have come home with more yarn or another squishyball for my spouse.. ( me.... no really its for him.. maybe.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

it went very well!

I had a great show! had quite a few sales and met my goal of making my table fee back.
I will have to replenish my inventory and I see there is a need for more men's items. So I will concentrate on adding a few more manyly pieces to my shop at least in the near tearm.
I'm very happy and excited that it's going well. My name is out there now.
I ran out of business cards that I had brought with me. ( all 75) so Ill have to bring more next year.
I also had to go after a customer and missed them.. the freebee I was giving them didn't make it into their bag.. (they where looking at it and set it down when paying.) Luckily another vendor knew them and said she would make sure they got the shawl pin.
I have a small show next week and Im very much looking forward to it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

what a day to lookforward to

After all the runing around today ( work, playdate, running to another city and then my moms).
Ill be working my own booth at a craft show ( yay!)I have never had this much space before for a show!
Usually I get a table and can work with it but this is bigger and I have space.
I'm very excited about it.  I'm hoping for a good turn out but ya never know..

This means Saturday for a few hours my shop will be in vacation mode while I'm selling my wears.
I guess I should finnish a few unfinnished projects huh?
Ill try and get pictures of the booth after Im set up.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

welcome to my first attempt at blogging here

I am a hooker.. Not that kind of a hooker.. I'm a Crocheter, I also can knit a little and I also spin a bit with a drop spindle.. I'm also a mom and wife, sister, and daughter and really really busy.

My life is kinda all over and gets busier by the week this time of year.
Between working as a caregiver in an Alzheimer's facility, my daughters school and regular life I'm running many times in 4 directions at once and that's that is ok.

I know it will slow down here soon and Ill be able to putter around in my garden again.. once it stops raining again.

welcome to my blog.
I'll be also featuring artists and artisans as I also have a etsyshop for pieces I make.
I also have a facebook fan page.
here we go.. lets hook and blog..