Saturday, July 3, 2010

been super busy

sorry I haven't blogged in a while been super busy. My daughter Just finished the school year- just did her spring ballet recital and still geting used to a early AM shift... I was also feeling a little uninspired- BUT  I think that has passed. got my garden in finally

I finished a cute baby hat last night- it looks almost like a bucket hat- it started as a bag for ballet shoes.. about half way through I realized I didn't have enough yarn so it morphed into a hat.

I'm also learning some techniques of  Tunisian crochet. ( aka afghan stitch, cro-knitting etc.)

my sister also gave me my birthday gift- a hank of yarn that she made me promise to use on me.. she knows me well.
Im also almost done spinning up some pencil roving ( I use a drop spindle) to make something from.

I also just started writing down more patterns as I go. Right now Im working on a pattern for a girls dress.