Wednesday, March 23, 2016

life's curve balls

I'm a baseball fan.
Love the game, watching playing, all of it.
Sometimes its lazy and slow moving.. sometimes fast paced moving from top of the inning onto the next inning. Watching the players move around the field he catcher communicating with the pitcher in their own way... and the base coaches letting their players know whats next. All the while the game is being watched.

I miss being able to work extra shifts or hours.. I miss working on the floor and helping my little old ladies and little old men get out of their chair in to bed or on a couch off he floor if he had fallen. I miss standing with out feeling unsteady. I miss sitting up and getting up out of bed at a regular speed.
I miss having energy at the ed of the day.

Life throws curve balls at us. Like the game of baseball we may not know all that's going on while we are at bat, but out family and friends are our team. They should be there to help and root us on. I have a awesome team. and I'm grateful for that.

on a crocheting note my sister says shes getting me some yummy yarn. usual stipulations... I have to use the majority of it for me not anyone else.  Ill make plans of what to use it on once I see it.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

ok its been a log time.... but..I got a reason

Its been a long time and there's a lot of reasons for this
First I switched from days to night shift then back to days.
My kiddo growing up too fast.
I got divorced... Its ok. I had enough and It was my choice. ( proceedings went 9 months)
Transferred job locations. ( a few months after I filed )
Found an awesome Man with a great kid.
I moved
My step mother passed away ( may his year)
Kiddos both are in music programs 
and after all that this year  I got really really sick and I still have symptoms tho we don't know whats wrong with me..

It has been a very busy time.  a lot of changes but good changes recently though many are painful. 

My step mother and my own mother taught me how to crochet.
My step mother taught me as a way to relieve stress when I was a caregiver for my other family member who had Alzheimer's disease. It gave me a way to be creative and also make pretty things from yarn.

I will be forever grateful to her for that..and her making dad happy. She was a kick in the pants.  

Its hard to loose someone you love but shes not in pain anymore.
I will be forever grateful to her for so many things.