Friday, June 17, 2011

wow a lot to catch up on

So in the last few months -
I have finished a few hats- got another custom piece done-
screwed up my shoulder again and got asked to be team captain for my faciltys participation in the walk to end Alzheimer's disease ( aka the memory walk)
My link to my donation page...

I found some fantastic yarnb - it is 95 percent baby alpaca and 5 -percent undyed wool- in other words Heaven in a ball... now a hat.  ( ecco Duo by cascade yarns)
it is sooo pretty. I didn tknow it had the striping in it until After i made the hat and it is great.

 OH and we adopted a sweet four legged critter who attacks yarn..
her name is Oreo isn't she pretty?
 she is on a diet so shhh dont say anything about her being fat.