Sunday, January 24, 2010

Able to hook a little longer then last week :)

Friday I tried to hook for a little bit- I was able to work for about 20 minutes before my shoulder started hurting so this is a big deal. :)
I also had a good PT appointment last week- I am now doing both stretching and builing resistance so this also helps with how long I can crochet.
yay! I also had a mostly non-advil day yesterday too first time in almost month. Just did heat and Ice.
I only needed a muscle relaxer at bed for the shoulder so I know its getting better. :) 

I have found some inspiration for new projects so as soon as I'm well enough I expect to be back in my hooking swing of things.
I also have a craft fair coming up in April I'll be prepping for- more light weight things to come for that.
So today is a post of good news. :)

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