Wednesday, January 5, 2011

as a member of the CLF

I must take a moment to be a minion.
The CLF is the Crochet Liberation Front. a group of people passionate about the art of crochet.
we have a "fearless leader"  someone who got tired of our art being looked down and started the group on ravelry as a joke... then it exploded and became a real thing.  we even have a couple pattern books which rocks.
Dispelling many of the myths of crochet and there are many.
One is that only little old ladies Hook. Nope Not the case.
crochet uses more yarn... not always the case it depends on stitches used.
Crochet is nthing but granny squares and doilies... nope again.

Crochet is a wonderful art that has many many advantages other yarn arts don't.
It can be beauiful open work and drapy or it can be tough enough for a welcome mat. all depends on what it is you are using and technique-

so there is my minion rant for the day.
so if you crochet say it to others Im a hooker and Im proud..


  1. Amen, Sister!!! I'm a crocheter and I'm proud of it!!