Monday, January 30, 2012

on the topic of yarn snobbery...

I dont get it.. ok I do but in a over all sense why?
Many people in the yarn word have the wrong idea about crochet that we mainly use acrylic which is wrong. Many ( my self included) use natrual wool fibers in hooking. I have even used corn fiber. which was like using Jerzy T shrt material.. kinda neat though..
point is There is nothing wrong with GOOD acrylic. And I say good because not all are created equally.
Some are so scratchy they take the paint OFF my hooks so I reserve my old not addi hooks for this type of yarn. ( usually which is gifted) I can usually "kill it" so it softens or wash it and dry it in the dryer a few times to help it soften BUT not all will soften.
Good acrylic will soften OR comes soft.. baby yarn usually falls here and so does other major brands ( bernat redheart soft paytons and lionbrand ) make softer acrylics.
WHY use acrylics? well many people ( like my brother in law) are allergic to wool or certain animal fibers-
this provides him a alternitve to the animal fibers- ( no I'm not talking about the laonlin in wool the actual fiber in wool )
Yes its not as warm as wool OR alpaca but if you cant wear it it is not a option because it is its warmer then cotton.

Point is yarn snobbery can loose you out on a whole world of wonderful color and yarn.. I personally perfer to work with the natural fibers BUT I loose sales when I dont carry acrylic and some times blends can offer a good taste of both worlds.

I may be a hook snob.. as in I prefer certain hooks to work with and styles...  But I still have a place for all my hooks and I will have a place for acrylic..
and its not because Im a hooker.. its because Im a streight out yarn junkie.. Im not a yarn snob.. ;)

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