Thursday, December 2, 2010

so yeah Im a mom and a wife too..

I have a kiddo she is hilarious. Parent teacher Conferences where today.. the teachers adore.. of course cuz she is my daughter. Well actually because she is bright and loves class and not too much trouble.. a good kid.
I guess I'm doing a good Job with her.
Ok part of that goes to my spouse.. he does a good job too.. can't take all the credit like I'd like to.

I think I have my spouse taught as to what is the perfect gift for me... a gift card to my local yarn dealer.
He asked IF I would prefer 30 or 50 gift card to my local yarn dealer.... then stopped and said please say 30.. remembering my fave shop is only a few blocks from the house.

I need to go in there again.. I know I went yesterday and bought yarn but that was for the finishing of a project.. so I had to have the yarn... now I need yarn to go with some I have.. you see. I have a reason..
and I don't have a problem, Im not hiding yarn in the oven yet.
my yarn bins may be full but it's in plain-ish sight. in baskets around the bins. So its semi orginized.
Damn I sound like a yarn junkie.

wait.. nope not a junkie yet.. almost

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