Wednesday, December 22, 2010

never enough yarn

I'm a yarn junkie. Yes I'm admitting to it. It's not a real serious issue to me..
I'm not hiding purchases and Ill accept most yarn I'm given... and no you never have enough.. you always need one extra hank or skein just in case... because there is NOTHING worse then getting half a row from finnishing a project and seeing you are short on yarn.. and it wont match color IF you have to go back to the store and buy more.  So yes I do need that one more ball...

Today   I was given 3 fairly large bags of yarn. and they are good yarns.
BUT not one of them works for a custom order inquiry I have.
This called for a trip to the craft store...I was good too! I went streight to the back of the store where the yarn is, and looked for it.. they didn't carry it anymore.
got out my new trusty phone.. looked it up on the manufacture web site.. yes they still make it..
so I go to another craft store.. right to the back where they hide the yarn.. my daughter in tow.. cant find it there either..
call my spouse.. 
" I need yarn for a order.."
" don't you have yarn?"
" yes but it's not the kind I need for these pieces"
"Ill call you back:"
he called back but not about helping me order the yarn.
I think he's trying not to enable me...
and it is only 3 balls.... of yarn...

Maybe this time I'll write out the patterns as I work them.
Does this give me a excuse for a new hook?

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