Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey cat stay out of my...

yarn bag, basket and stash.. and keep your sister out too.
Yes I'm talking about my two lovely fat playful cats.
There are times when I find my cats find my Yarn much more entertaining then well anything else;
especially when it is moving from bag to piece in progress.

Oreo seems to be the one who prefers a direct approach and then there is lady.. she likes a sneak attack.
mom gave me 3 giant cones of yarn each well over 2 lbs.. they where wrapped in a large plastic bag.. Lady would try and pull down the side of the bag very gently trying to to make too much noise.. failing badly as I woke to crinkle crinkle crinkle more then once.. I finally took the yarn of of the bag and put in near my stash til I can figure out what the heck to do with it.

This is when they are not trying to annoy and ambush each other.. in a playful fat cat way.
Sorry lady you had to have a bell  added on to your collar; you had a unfair advantage cuz Oreo had one and you didn't. had to level the field a little.

Just a warning to my cats... stay out of the bags and no one gets squirted with the spray water bottle.

and I finished a few pieces in the last few days.. just need to get pics..

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