Sunday, June 24, 2012

oh yes " a yarn" is many things.. young child many things..

I was putting my big girl to bed..
and she said mom tell me a story.
I said you mean a yarn ?
she said  "mom your mind is always on yarn. "
"A yarn is another way of saying tale. "

I find it funny not only do writers and story tellers spin tales.. but fiber artists spin yarns.. jkust like the writers of the world.
Each yarn if hand made I'm sure has a tale. I know when I do pick up my drop spindle it does.
how I picked out the fiber to spin.. where I chose and when I chose to spin..

When I crochet all my pieces have a little piece of my day in it.. Be it a way to calm down from the business of being a working mom and wife or being able to let frustration out in hooking.. or being able to just let my hands create.
IF I make a custom piece I'm in work mode and it goes fast.
IF Im in gift mode a lOT of thought goes into the piece.

IF I'm in design mode I try to write it out as I go.. I may even succeed at getting it written and edited..
 but each piece has a story behind it Each thing is a yarn in and of it's self.

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