Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fruit hats

So I made my niece a cute hat out of a tangerine yarn I had.. and thought I should add a stem and leaf and viola a tangerine hat.. Then I thought wouldn't it be fun to make one into a apple or a peach Oh how bout blueberries?
and my brain wouldn't stop.
So I made a granny smith hat- its now listed in my shop. 
both made from scrap yarn. which makes me happy that I use up my stash a little.. then I have a excuse later to get more yarn. 
and my daughter liked it so much I was asked to make a peach for a friends birthday gift..
 I didn't get pics but it was adorable.

 My nieces tangerine hat above..
the granny smith hat below ...
next in line a blueberry!

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