Sunday, July 22, 2012

blueberries on my mind. or your head

I finished the blue berry hat. It turned out so cute!
Im working on a peach one. But I know I need to work on the shawl I started.
I love the idea of the fruit hats. I know I need to get a few pumpkin hats done for October.
Im trying to figure out a way to get a lemon hat done..getting the shaping right will be hard but I think it can be  done.
It will just take some patience.
I used my kiddos head for a fitting. and I think it turned out awesome.
She wants a few hats for herself so for the Holidays maybe..
so here is my modle

Miss lady showing her annoyance that the door is open and there is a screen in her way. 
 Oreo waiting for my yarn to jump from my bag or basket.. patiently.

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