Monday, July 16, 2012

Its in testing again...

The cupcake hat I had made earlier this year.
Its now again in pattern testing. I had to fix a few things. now one of my friends who also crochets is going to test it and tell me if I made anymore mistakes.
Yes I do make mistakes. More then once I had to frog ( or pull apart) a half a jacket because I didn't get the gauge right. That was a pain BUT the jacket is done and hangs in my closet.
I have also had to redo pieces because I used the wrong sized hook half way through.
Serves as a reminder to me not to crochet really tired.

there are times I wonder why I dont write out my patterns then I start and remember that its a total pain in the tush.. I have to test and retest  and make sure its just so if it is not a super simple pattern.
this one is not.

OH my awesome sister gave me Yarn for my birthday. Not just any warn , hand spun from yarn producers on Orcas Island. she also told me I'm to make something for ME not for anyone else with it. She knows me well.

 anyway that is what is happening now..

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