Saturday, November 21, 2009

it went very well!

I had a great show! had quite a few sales and met my goal of making my table fee back.
I will have to replenish my inventory and I see there is a need for more men's items. So I will concentrate on adding a few more manyly pieces to my shop at least in the near tearm.
I'm very happy and excited that it's going well. My name is out there now.
I ran out of business cards that I had brought with me. ( all 75) so Ill have to bring more next year.
I also had to go after a customer and missed them.. the freebee I was giving them didn't make it into their bag.. (they where looking at it and set it down when paying.) Luckily another vendor knew them and said she would make sure they got the shawl pin.
I have a small show next week and Im very much looking forward to it.

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