Monday, November 23, 2009

Yarn stores and craft stores are dangerous places for me

In case you haven't figured this out yet specifically the yarn dept. The yarn store is a nice wonderful cozy place I like to stay for a while and relax.. and fondle wonderful soft fuzzy sweet lovely yarn and drool over rosewood hook sets, Addi hooks and beautiful bags and pattern books. Siting and working with a nice new hank of yarn that's been wound into a lovely yarn cake is a kin to a nice hot cup of coffee and a doughnut for me. ( both at the same time is heaven... )
The yarn depts at many craft stores have become more and more skimpy on yarn and with ever shrinking hook and needle selections.
Sometimes they ( the big box guys)  have swatches but those are knit. not much help for a hooker unless using slip stitch techniques. Every once in a while Ill find a good selection ( right after shipment) at Joann's but I ususlly end up calling first to see if they have what I like online in stock in store.

BUT when I can afford it I do buy from my LYS ( Local Yarn Store). I love it there.
They are very hooker friendly.
I don't get looked down apon for having a hook. Some ladies there taught ME how to do some knitting.
While its nice to say I can do it. I prefer to crochet. I don't like having to rely on a pattern.
I can follow and read crochet patterns BUT I prefer to freehand everything or write my own pattern as I go.

Anyway.. I went to the Joanne's small store near me. I had some time to kill and I wanted to try to make a Grey hat in slip stitch ribbing. found some worsted weight blend in grey...
then I found the art isle.. now Abby Needs new watercolors ( Christmas ) and more glue ( Christmas, I tell myself again) as I'm heading to check out I see the dollar bins.. Giant Smarties! YUM! ( must have those)
Oh a squishy ball with a cool end that yo-yo's  AND its hot pink! Abby will love this... ( christmas) and a adorable tumbler with doughnuts..
yeah 20 dollars later I have not only yarn BUT christmas shoping started..
Thank goodness I didn't have more time to kill.... who knows IF I would have come home with more yarn or another squishyball for my spouse.. ( me.... no really its for him.. maybe.)

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