Thursday, November 19, 2009

welcome to my first attempt at blogging here

I am a hooker.. Not that kind of a hooker.. I'm a Crocheter, I also can knit a little and I also spin a bit with a drop spindle.. I'm also a mom and wife, sister, and daughter and really really busy.

My life is kinda all over and gets busier by the week this time of year.
Between working as a caregiver in an Alzheimer's facility, my daughters school and regular life I'm running many times in 4 directions at once and that's that is ok.

I know it will slow down here soon and Ill be able to putter around in my garden again.. once it stops raining again.

welcome to my blog.
I'll be also featuring artists and artisans as I also have a etsyshop for pieces I make.
I also have a facebook fan page.
here we go.. lets hook and blog..

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  1. now THAT is a way to start out a blog entry :)