Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yesterday's show was

Very very slow.
It was the first year for this location and they took money After you showed up rather then before when you book your space. So there where probably 5 vendors out of 20 that actually where there.
So not only was it slow it was tiney.
This was good practice for me to work with new space And I think I did ok.
I also got a chance to talk to other vendors about what other fairs are good for next year.
One is talking bout puting together a show this summer and the people who ran this venue aslo said they want to do another one but in July.
So we shall see.
I made my table fee plus 8 bucks learned some new things and got to get a good start on a  new buclee and worsted weight throw, and that scarf.. So it wasn't a complete loss.
Now I can concentrate on my etsy shop and adding to my inventory.
That is if I don't get distract... ohhhh coffee!

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