Friday, November 27, 2009

hoping for a good turn out tomorrow

Tomorrow is the smaller craft fair- tables provided and a chair ( 8 foot) so Im trying to figure out how I can vamp it and have it look good.

I finished A hat for men's wear- its a grey beanie in a simple stitch.
Ill make a scarf to go with it.
Ill also be working my fingers off to get other me's pieces done.
and then Ill add to the women's wear - wraps shawls etc. and Ill be adding a throw here soon..
..I hope. I know I wont have time to do it all at once but that's ok it gives me a chance to fondle yarn and browse patterns for inspiration and new techniques I may be able to incorporate into other pieces.

OH I forgot to mention I am a chocoholic. IF there is chocolate  I may appear to try and make it last but it's not a happening.

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